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Feb 18, 2017
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Hi, I'm Jokerforever303. For any potential watchers who wish to tune in, please be sure to read my rules below before you look at my drawings.

I am very proud and confident in my work. If yo do like my art you are always welcome to leave positive comments. If not then please keep your critiques to your self, I don't need constructive criticism with my drawings, most "criticisms"I'vr seen are not professional and seem mostly selfish.

I will never do requests. Again if you like my art then great but don't ask me for free art just because of that.

I am more than willing do gift art but only for my closest friends. If I've known you long enough and decide I can trust you then you may receive a gift art. To be perfectly clear, I enjoy receiving gift art myself, and I really appreciate any gift art I receive. That being said, I won't let just anyone draw my characters. If you are a very good friend of mine and I have grown to trust you over time then you are more than welcome to draw me gift art. If you are not a friend, some stranger who has just met me here on DA, then you will need permission to draw my characters, just don't do so to try to buy my respect, my respect will be earned.

Collabs I can do but again, only with friends. Same rules apply as with gift art.

Most importantly, NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS. This means don't start fights on my profile or posts, don't antagonize my art in any shape or form, and especially don't try to force your opinions on me as we all don't have to like the same thing.

I'm generally easy going, though I do have my limits. If any of the rules I have stated are not followed then that will result in a block, plain and simple.

I know great art when I see it and I've met some amazing people on this site so far and hope to see more as long as I'm on DA.

My emotions in order

:bulletyellow: Find the most out of life
:bulletpurple: Better smart than sorry
:bulletgreen: I'll decide whether we're friends or not
:bulletred: Never mess with the rhino and his friends or you will get the horn
:bulletblue: Recognize weaknesses, then work passed them

Who would be a better voice fore Spite? 

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Character Meme

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 18, 2017, 4:07 PM
I've been tagged by :iconrahula87: into doing this meme with my OC Mr. Snide. Frankly, this seems like a fun meme to participate in so I'm glad to do this and might also do this for some of my other OC's just for the fun of it, time permitting of course.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Destructive Hellfire by Jokerforever303

1. Mr. Snide is a pure evil deity of destruction, he loves nothing more than to cause mayhem and destruction in his way. His lack of remorse gives him no restraints on how destructive he can be, if he thinks that a city should burn, it will burn. Yet as terrifying as he can be to strangers, he deals the worst tortures to those who have become his enemies, those who betray him are especially greeted with unspeakable torment. The worst punishment he has in mind? Well first he'll grant this traitor the inability to die, then he'll throw this traitor in to a hell dimension with nothing but fire and said traitor will know the true meaning of pain and suffering as he burns for all eternity. 

2. He was created by Cadaro who initially intended him to collect humanities sins for his own benefit. Needless to say, Snide doesn't like the idea of playing errand boy to anybody and defies Cadaro, therefore leaving his tyrant of a creator. Since then, Cadaro had been searching for him in the disguise of a homeless old man, ready to take him back and punish him most severely given the chance.

3. Mr. Snide is extremely powerful, given an variety of powers. For starters, he has immense strength, so much so that he's able to destroy a large building with but a tap of his fingers, and that's not even when using his larger hand. He also has lightening speed, faster than a speeding bullet if I have to give an example, and he has the power of flight in order to get from point A to point B. This combined with his speed and strength makes him look like a comet, with very similar results once he lands with after lands being an area of hellfire. Speaking of hellfire, he is able to create and bend fire to his will and use it as a powerful weapon. What I often forget to emphasize is that his fire is black at first, and once he uses it it turns to the standard color after 3 seconds. A recent power I added is telekinesis, making him able to telekinetic move and crush objects and victims at will.

4. As powerful as Snide is, even he is not without any drawbacks. His main weakness is that, due to how he was created, he must feed on humanities seven deadly sins, otherwise he'll get weaker overtime even though the process is gradual. He doesn't let this get him down though, in fact he rather likes the idea of finding the hidden sins of those who seem innocent. One other  draw back is that he's not especially skilled at hand to hand combat. Though can be dangerous to approach as he can rip a person in half within second, if a being is skilled enough in the art of hand to hand combat and tactical strategies, Snide may have trouble trying to catch his quarry.

5. Appearance-wise, Snide is quite a frightening individual. Though he bears a tuxedo and fancy flamenco hat which gives him elegance, he also has deathly grey skin, a long pointy nose, unsettling black eyes with white glowing irises, and most notably, normal sized hand which performs most of his powers, and a giant  hand with long sharp claws which serves as a lethal weapon as he can slice and dice any poor unfortunate victim into bite sized pieces with in a second. The giant hand also forms a mouth in which he feeds off of humanity's sins with.

6. Personality wise, he's an INTP. You could say he's an introverted incarnation of the Joker (his appearance gives that away) since he prefers to enjoy his deeds on a personal level. On the whole, he is very, eerily, calm, acting very little on emotion, relying instead on logic and intuition. He is also intensely sadistic, as he takes absolute pleasure in torturing his victims and burning civilizations fire, listening to their cries of pain as if it was music to his ears. Although he has little to fear, he's not foolish, he knows better than to get into a battle that he already knows he can't win. He's rarely ever angry, yet it is entirely possible if pushed in a certain direction, and when he's mad his glowing iris's fade away, his teeth become crooked, and he'll have a demonic voice as he is ready to deal the worst to his victims. Peace and silence bores him, preferring instead to  cause chaos wherever he see's fit. As you can imagine he doesn't have many friends, mostly because almost everyone he meets is immediately terrified of him. However, if he meets another evil doer of similar qualities, he is likely to befriend them.

7. Whenever he's not setting populated areas on fire or feeding off of humanity's sins, Snide participates in a horrific act of mass murder. This is where he finds the most use of his large clawed hand as he hacks and slash everyone in his path, maybe even crush a few heads  with a powerful grip in said hand. He won't stop until he wipes out an entire town, the last person standing he likes to have fun torturing a longer as he likes saving the best for last.

8. When it's time to relax and take a break from all the atrocities he's committed, Mr. Snide likes to kick back and read a good book. A lot of times, he'll even write a small story of his previous exploits and then read it out loud as if he has an audience listening. This relaxation doesn't last though, as he gets bored with relaxation rather quickly and then sets off to commit more chaos. He does, however, need to allow time for rest as his power needs to be restrained as to not accidentally destroy earth in the process.

Well that's all 8 facts about Mr. Snide in a nutshell. I tag know one because frankly there aren't many friends to tag left that my other friends haven't already. That said if you find this meme fun, feel free to try it for yourself, it's quite fun.

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I'm glad to hear that, I've actually started working on Omega 09 today so hopefully I can get that out soon since it's the most challenging detail wise. "You're fired" will also be a fun drawing when I get around to that.

Edit: Thanks for the visitor clean up
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